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Everything You Need To Know About Dog Beds From Wokee Pet Products Manufacturer

Introduction to the pet dog bed

The pet product industry market in China is developing rapidly, and there are more and more types of dog beds. As a manufacturer of dog beds, WOKEEPET is also continuously designing new and more functional dog beds. From a perspective, we pay more attention to the bed’s health, comfort, and durability.

Now more pet owners will choose to buy a bed, which can reduce the dog’s anxious behavior when the owner is not at home and play a “sense of security” to a certain extent.

As a pet product seller, you should also understand the relevant knowledge of pet beds to provide buyers with more professional advice.

Most end-buyers are dog owners, and they love their dogs very much. Sleep is essential as a matter that takes up two-thirds of the dog’s daily life. A good bed is necessary for a dog to sleep well.

Apart from us humans, the daily necessities of dogs should also gradually make some changes. Like a dog bed, the seasons of dog beds of different structures are different, just like some dog beds are common throughout the four seasons. The winter is not cold, and the summer is not sultry. Some dog beds are very warm in winter, but they are not breathable and hot in summer, which is inconvenient.

How to choose a suitable dog bed?

The main ones are as follows:

  1. Material selection: The dog bed has a variety of fabrics, such as pure cotton, acrylic, velvet, etc. The pure cotton is easy to clean and helps absorb the moisture on the dog’s body after a shower. Moreover, the natural fabric of the doghouse is not easy to generate static electricity, the dog rests in it, and the hair is not easy to knot.

If your dog is only curly and long-haired, choose pure cotton or blended fabric; for young or immature dogs, it is recommended to choose acrylic or suede material first. It can be cleaned, the velvet material is relatively warmer and more comfortable, and the price is relatively low. It can be described as a type with a higher price.

  1. Easy to clean: If you have a bigger dog, you can prioritize wooden beds. If it is a cotton dog bed, it is best not to have too many ornaments. Simple dog bed exteriors are often easier to clean. Some bed shells are It is detachable and can be more convenient.

To sum up the two points, large dogs should choose wood material as much as possible. If they are dirty, they can be washed directly with a brush and water; small dogs should be practical and straightforward and minimize accessories. The market is mainly dominated by round and square dog beds.

  1. Measure the size: Before buying a bed, the most important thing is to have a sufficient understanding of your dog’s body shape. It is usually appropriate to choose a bed that is 2 to 3 times larger than the pet’s body.

Some dog parents mistakenly think that the smaller the dog bed, the warmer it will be. In fact, too small a bed will only make the dog unable to stretch out, making it more uncomfortable, especially for puppies. It is also necessary to prepare a large enough bed to allow it to stay in. Stand, turn around, lie down inside, and ensure that the dog bed is well ventilated to rest well, sleep well, and have more energy.

  1. Check the details: Shape: It is recommended to choose a bed with a depression in the middle so that the dog sleeps more peacefully. The Orthopedic dog beds supplied by WOKEE PET support customized production, and the quality is also excellent. Welcome to contact us.

Now the beds designed and produced by WOKEE PET are more and more refined in detail. The beds on the market are not only fully functional but also very beautiful in appearance. The beds produced by WOKEE-PET-PRODUCTS usually have good waterproof effects. You are not afraid that the mat is wet or dirty. It is very easy to clean.

In addition to the comprehensiveness of the details, the beds we produce are also very diversified in shape. There are various cartoon shapes, fruit shapes, animal shapes, and flower shapes. They are placed at home and are very cute!

  1. Filling material: There are three main types of fillings for the doghouse: memory foam, GelFoam, cotton, and other materials.
  2. Internal setting: Generally speaking, the internal setting of the doghouse is mainly to lay a warm and comfortable mat. The mat should have several characteristics, namely, good water absorption, good warmth, easy to clean, and so on.

Some beds are fixed, and some are movable. Once installed, the fixed type is challenging to move. The movable type is free to move, and it is also very convenient to use. If you are raising a dog outdoors, you can consider a wooden and stainless steel bed. Such a bed is a fixed type. Dogs who live outdoors generally use this kind of bed.

The movable dog bed contains many styles, and the most used one is cotton.

As a high-quality dog bed manufacturer and supplier, WOKEE PET PRODUCTS uses moisture-proof and breathable material, which is anti-bacterial and anti-mite, so there is no need to worry that dogs are prone to skin diseases! Most beds are suitable for use in all seasons, especially in summer, bringing a breathable and slightly cool feeling.

The fillers used by WOKEEPET are guaranteed to be non-toxic, tested, and more secure! All the fillings have been strictly tested and are very elastic, giving dogs a comfortable and restful sleep. Even if the dog eats it, there won’t be any bad results.

If you are raising your dog outdoors, it is good to choose WOKEE PET’s wooden bed. We use solid wood materials that do not add any chemicals, which is exceptionally environmentally friendly. The dog house has clear wood grain, natural and straightforward color, and has a certain degree of anti-corrosion ability.

You can also choose our cages and fences to enclose the dog, which is indirectly equivalent to its nest. This choice is wider.

The anti-escape net for pets can effectively prevent pets from jumping out of the fence and play a role in preventing jailbreaking. With non-marking strong floor hooks, strong adsorption on the floor, effectively preventing dogs from pushing the fence. The safe door lock and thick wire will not let the dog escape easily.

The importance of a high-quality dog bed

The bed is necessary for us humans, but we don’t think that the bed is a precious property. We believe that for our pet dogs, the dog bed is essential. Regardless of size, breed, or age, the bed is where the dog sleeps, so comfort is the most important thing.

If you observe dogs sleeping, you will find that they are usually curled up when they sleep, but this does not mean that the bed is enough to curl up. The bed does not necessarily need to allow it to stretch its legs to sleep entirely, but at least it must lie comfortably around it.

Buying a dog bed is an investment. We hope to be able to use it for a long time. The stability and comfort of the dog bed are crucial.

A good dog bed can provide heat insulation, support the dog’s back and joints, warmth, and a sense of security.

The benefits of using a dog bed:

Here are some surprising health benefits of pet beds:

The nature of a dog is to seek stability and safety. They grow up in a comfortable nest that protects them from natural disasters and dangerous predators in the wild. Even if dogs live with you now, dogs will still instinctively look for their own space.

Pet beds have many benefits for your dog’s health. Providing your furry friends with their beds will make them sleep better and make them feel more rested and happier.

Keep warm

With a dog bed, your dog doesn’t have to lie on the cold floor all the time, and it can become bedding that can provide warmth and softness for the dog at night. It will not let the dog harden the floor due to the cold and frostbite the joints, which will eventually cause the dog to suffer from arthritis.

Privacy and security

A high-quality dog bed allows your pet dog to have a place at home that belongs to it only. When he needs to rest from all the things around him, the dog bed is a good choice. Whether digging a hole under the blanket or lying on the bed, he would feel better knowing that it was just for him, just like a puppy feels safe in a cage.

The advantage of a bed is that it is comfortable and has no restrictions. It is convenient for dogs to move as they want and to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. In this way, the dog’s mood will be more comfortable, not depressed, and usually, be more lively.

The dog bed is a special place. Sometimes pets are like having a special place that you can call yourself. It makes them feel safe and protected and gives them a sense of ownership.

There is nothing more enjoyable for us humans than in our own warm house off a working day, which is also true for dogs. The soft bed and comfortable blanket absorb the dog’s unique smell over time, and this familiar feeling can help him relax.

In addition, providing your dog with an excellent place to sleep can prevent them from sleeping where you don’t want them to sleep. Dogs will try to find a place to sleep as comfortably as possible. As a result, they will often lie in bed with you, scratch your beautiful furniture, or track dirt on beautiful carpets.

A bed that fits your pet’s sleep needs can prevent them from disturbing you or damaging anything else when they try to take a nap. However, to ensure that your dog uses it, please prepare a suitable bed for them. Larger varieties require more extensive beds, and different beds will have various functions. WOKEE PET PRODUCTS Company produces and supplies a series of dog beds with different designs and functions. We support customized production.

Protect joints and bones

The bones of dogs are very important, especially for large dogs. The bones are relatively fragile. If not correctly cared for, it is very easy to fracture or cause hip necrosis in dogs.

A warm and comfortable nest is also an essential factor in protecting the dog’s joints. We know that a cold and bad rest environment will put a lot of pressure on bone health. We don’t recommend that the dog sleep on your comfortable big bed like you, prepare a small nest for it, and let it have a comfortable space of its own!

A suitable dog bed can provide better weight distribution and support for the sleeping pet’s muscles and joints, especially for older, arthritic, or overweight dogs. Sleeping on the floor or other hard surfaces may harm the dog’s health.

Easier to clean

After dogs play outdoors, the dirt on their bodies will be brought to their beds, and having a removable and washable dog bed is obviously easier than cleaning other furniture in the house. As a professional pet bed supplier, WOKEEPET provides pets. Most dog beds have removable pads or are very easy to clean.

Falling hair is easier to clean-a high-quality dog bed concentrates hair and dander in an easy-to-clean location. Generally speaking, easy-to-clean dog beds are preferred by customers.

High-quality sleep is essential for dogs

Good sleep has a significant effect on the health of dogs. Although we see dogs spend a lot of time sleeping every day, there is not much time to put them into a deep sleep, so sometimes we see that it is normal for a dog to sleep without much energy. Likely, the dog did not sleep well at night for some reason. Poor sleep will cause the dog to lose energy, and appetite may also be affected to a certain extent, so a suitable dog bed is essential.

As they grow older, dogs tend to have joint problems. By sleeping in bed, they can minimize the chance of these problems and get the comfort and support they need when they are already experiencing problems.

All dogs have different shapes, sizes, and problems. The beds they need are not the same. WOKEEPET company will try to design and make different dog beds for you to choose from.

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