What is the dog afraid of?

What is the dog afraid of

What is the dog afraid of?

A dog is naturally timid and fearful of fire, light, death and specific sounds. When it hears a violent sound, it first expresses consternation and then escapes to a place it thinks safe, even when it rains. The thunder and lightning will make it shiver with fright and go under the table with its tail sandwiched; most dogs hate fire, but it does not reach the level of fear. Its performance is not to run away but to bark carefully around the fire. We can use this characteristic of dogs to report a fire.

Dogs have a strong sense of fear of death, mainly due to the smell of the same kind after death, which has a strong stimulus to living dogs.

Some dogs are also afraid of shoes made of leather, which may be due to the smell of other animals on them;

dogs also have a fear of phenomena that they cannot understand, such as dead animal specimens and sound-producing electric toys—suddenly opened umbrella waiting.

Sometimes a dog who is afraid of its owner will lie. For example, a dog who always flips through the trash is punished by its owner. Later, when he hears the owner’s call, it will run in the opposite direction and then returning to its owner. He/she thinks it is smart to show that they are not in the trash to conceal its wrong behavior.

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