What About the Dog’s Hearing and Vision?

What About the Dog's Hearing and Vision?

What About the Dog’s Hearing and Vision?

A dog’s sense of hearing is 16 times greater than that of a human and can distinguish between high frequency and very low decibel sounds, and it sleeps with its ears to the ground, alertly listening to sounds within a diameter of 4 km.

The dog’s ability to discriminate between sound sources is strong. When it hears a far away sound, it will turn its ears and eyes to the source simultaneously, its unique physiological role.

The dog would establish a conditioned reflex based on tone change for the owner’s order and simple words.

It can hear a very light tone, the too-high sound for it is a stimulus so that it has a painful, frightening feeling to avoid or produce rebellious behavior.

The newborn 10-day-old puppy does not respond to sound, and only after 2 to 3 weeks can it gradually hear sound and make a whimpering cry.

The dog’s eyesight is poor, but the field of vision is open, and its ability to feel objects depends on the state in which the object is located, and can see within 50 meters of a stationary object, but can sense a distance of 825 meters for a moving target.

The dog is color blind; the world is like a black and white picture in its eyes.

Guide dogs can identify red and green lights based on the brightness of the two-color lights to distinguish; their dark vision is more sensitive. The weak light can also see objects, which is the characteristic of nocturnal animals.

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