The Welsh Corgi Dog‘s Origin And Development

The Welsh Corgi Dog‘s Origin And Development

In the hills of Wales, England, there are still songs and legends about the dwarf dogs that we can see almost 1000 years ago when Corgi was active in this ancient land.

The origin of the Cardigan Welsh Coky Dog

The Cardigan Welsh Coki is the older of the two low-foot Corgi dogs and the first dog to live on the island of England.

Cardigan Welsh, a short-footed dog, was brought to Wales by Celtic fighters from Central Europe in 1200 AD, and its ancestors date back to the sausage dog. The short-footed dog has been known to the people of their place of origin for more than 3,000years.

The village of Bulletin central Cardigan County was an early settlement of the early Celtic. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog is smart and alert. These dogs are very important to the Celtic, and they are a very important member of the Celtic family. They can do a variety of jobs, look at homes, protect children, and remove prey.

Cardigan Welsh Coky Dog (1)
Cardigan Welsh Coky Dog

After a period of time and openness, the Cardigan Welsh had a new and more important job hundreds of years ago.

The land at that time was almost entirely owned by the King, and the farmers allowed only a small amount of land to be set up around their yard for work.

The remaining vast land is a communal land where farmers can grazing their livestock, which is the main source of income for the local population. The farmers of the land are engaged in a fierce “competition” between them to gain more land use and to protect their pastures as much as possible, and this “competition” is carried out through the Cardigan Welsh Coky Dog.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi dog at that time did not play the role of herding, not of holding the cattle together; Its job is to follow the feet of neighboring cattle: To chase the back heels of the bites, to drive the cattle away, and to drive the cattle of other families farther and farther into the grass, so that farmers can take more space to raise their animals Livestock.

When a cow of another person enters his “territory”, the farmer stands at the door and plays two long-standing whistles, one with a higher voice and the other with a lower voice.

Cardigan Welsh Coky Dog (2)
Cardigan Welsh Coky Dog

Sometimes the Welsh Corgi dog cannot see the cattle it is about to chase, but it continues to drive them away as long as it hears the whistle from its master.

Because his legs are short, his pawl swung out, but the length of his back adds to the running energy.

When Welsh Corgi dogs bite the back heels and disperse the herd, the farmers give a return signal, putting their fingers in their mouth to make a sharp, long whistle. When the cow kicks the dog, the dog bends over the ground to avoid being kicked to death. The Welsh Corgi dogs have been with the Celtic for so long that they have a high level of intelligence and can train them to do work that is antithetical to the work done by the Shepherd.

After the privatization of Crown land, farmers separated the land by a fence, and the Welsh Corgi dog was no longer required to disperse the livestock, and the Welsh Corgi dog was “unemployed”, but it was still As a canine and companion dog for some mountain dwellers, this is an unaffordable consumer product for most people.

It was not until it was hybridization with a drowed dog and then paired with a Scottish sheepdog that it began to work as a sheep-herding dog, and it became a Corgi dog-like today. Of course, it works as efficiently as ever.

The main pedigree of the Welsh Corgi today can be traced back to the old-fashioned Brunate Bantam, which is a little mixed with the Dapple Collie. This dog is almost a dog that had been very good in Cardigan County more than a century ago.

At that time, the Cardigan Welsh and the Pembroke Welsh Coke were recognized as two different types of one species until1934, It was only in the UK that the two types of Corgi dogs were officially established as two distinct species. Before that, the two varieties had been hybridization to a certain extent, which made the classification of the two varieties a very difficult task. In 1934, only 59 of 250 Wales dogs were registered as a Cardigan Welsh Corgi dog. At that time, the Corgi dog was thought to be of a very various form. This species is almost extinct in Wales.

In July 1931, Mr. Robert Boer of Boston introduced the first Cardigan Welsh Coke dog to the United States. In 1935, the species was registered by the Pet Club.

The origin of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, which originated in 1107 and later than the Cardigan Welsh Colky, should also be considered an older dog. In the past, there have been attempts to classify two types of Corgi dogs as one species.

Raed Somas, the authority of the Welsh dog’s Corgi dog variety, has spent many years studying the history of small sheepdogs and has found this effort to be very incorrect.

The origin of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog 2In 1107, introduced by Henry I, England, The weavers living in Flanders, Wales, cross the sea to bring the direct ancestors of the Pembroke Welsh Coke dog to Britain, where the offspring of the hybridization presupposes the extension of the species.

These Flemish weavers, while weaving, continue to reclaim their land, and soon moved to HaoFedsi, in the south-east corner of Wales, where the way of life is in keeping with their native-born lives, and the dogs are fit for their lives.

Now the early ancestors of the Corgi Dog in Pembroke Wales are very similar to the old, tailless, black dog. It has the origins of the Dutch Sphinx, Bomi, Samoje, Pine, Norwegian Deer, Finnish Tiki, and so on.

It is no coincidence that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi have shown such similarities and that the two species had a series of hybridization in the mid-19th century.

An old farmer who lived in Blonette for a whole life described the hybridization of two kinds of Corgi dogs: 

As he was young, many young people in his village found a way to earn money. At that time, there were still many Cardigan Welsh Corgi dogs in their village, and most of them were a heavy burden on poor farmers. Continuing to feed these young dogs will cost a lot of money.

One day, a bold young man, hiding a pair of Corgi dogs under his arm, came to the neighboring county.The origin of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog

Later, other young people were also competing for the same, selling large numbers of young dogs to farmers in Camason and Pembroke countiesWhen he returned, he was full of coins in his pocket.

Whether or not there was a Corgi dog from Cardigan who had been to Pembroke, and we can be sure that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi had not been to Cardigan before World War I. But after World War I, Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Corgi had crossed.

At that time, people had little knowledge of Corgi dogs. Many people mistakenly thought that the two Kogi dogs were one type of dog, so there was a lot of corgi hybridization at that time.

Now, the world’s leading dog industry organizations, like:APPA, petsitters, are completely separating the Pembroke Welsh Coke from the Cardigan Corgi as two dog species. As the breeding consciousness of the puppies increases, the breeders no longer have to mix and breed the two Corgi.

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