This Corgi Model Butts Really Drive Me Nuts

Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts

This Corgi Model Butts Really Drive Me Nuts

This corgi dog butts photos really drive me nut, I see them in ins. also way, there are such a group of people on Instagram every day, waiting eagerly to give a thumbs up to a Corgi named @lacorgi

the reason is simple: Because its ass is too charming

Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts
Corgi Butts

It’s more atracting when moving:


Debut for five years

Relying on the power of butts to become the most famous corgi on the internet.

Say it’s Kardashian in the dog world, no kidding

Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts

Don’t think Lacorgi is an ordinary corgi

It is clearly written on its ins homepage-

“Professional butt Model”

Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts

At the same time is a great dramatist

Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts

it could reach professional level

(Watch Lacorgi’s eyes)


Sexy, charming, cute, charming

All poses and styles are available

But as you see on the photos, the corgi dogs useually do not have tails, but do you know why? you can check this post here:

Why Corgi Tail Docking? Reasons And How

Even the challenging video

No stage fright

The sense of sight of shooting commercials in minutes

Expensive hips in the water, swinging in the waves

Sexy motor, online burning

Has the golden ratio of brown and snow white split color

Lacorgi is indeed a rare dog

Set soft, fluffy, plump and dynamic

But it does not mean that it is just a “vase” in the Corgi world

Let’s not talk about the “corgi butt value” it has never lost

Waist is very thin


Even moral, intellectual, physical, and labor are all developed

Have its own principles and bottom line

Dare to look directly at one’s reasonable desires

Learn to “say no” to oppression

Selling cute occasionally is a benefit

unhappiness can be cured by taking a look at Lacorgi’s “base butt”

Maybe you also feel

Lacorgi is great, but it’s just a dog

Then you are wrong

Lacorgi not only uses his butt to attract fans

I took a few commercials seriously

Have its own hat and sweater series of the same name——

“Corgi is Life”

Do you still think Lacorgi is just a dog when you see it?

This dog is born, yes, yes, perfect enough..

Especially, I think the butts of this Corgi really drive you nuts!

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