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Everything You Need To Know About Cat's Scratching Post From Wokee Pet Products Manufacturer

A cat scratching post is a scratching tool provided by cat owners for cats kept indoors. It is an artificial structure designed for cats to relax, play, sleep, and exercise.

It is an all-in-one structure with scratching areas to meet the cat’s scratching needs, thus avoiding the inconvenience caused by prolonged indoor living and failure to trim the cat’s nails on time.

Cat scratching posts are available in plate or column form and different materials. Since declawing is frowned upon by the CFA, most owners will purchase this tool.

Why do cats need a cat scratch post? Cats naturally like to scratch, so that a cat scratching post will provide a place for them to scratch, exercise, and play. It also provides a place for them to rest after playing without looking around for another place.

Since the cat’s claws are also designed for scratching, the cat can remove the sheath of nails that have become old from the claws to stimulate the growth of new nails. A cat scratching post can help cats exercise, stretch their backs, build muscle and stretch their backs.

For many cats, a cat scratching post can release stress, frustration, and even boredom. Cat scratching posts also allow cats to warm up before engaging in strenuous play activities.

A cat scratching post is a scratching tool provided by cat owners for cats kept indoors. It is an artificial structure designed for cats to relax, play, sleep, and exercise.

It is an all-in-one structure with scratching areas to meet the cat’s scratching needs, thus avoiding the inconvenience caused by prolonged indoor living and failure to trim the cat’s nails on time.

Cat scratching posts are available in plate or column form and different materials. Since declawing is frowned upon by the CFA, most owners will purchase this tool.

Cat scratching posts come in different structures, some complex and some simple, and different cats prefer different scratching posts. WOKEE PET supply the following types of cat scratching posts made in China – please check below.

Cat’s Choice Tilt Scratching Posts

Cat’s Choice Sisal Rope Scratching Posts

Cat’s Choice Round Multi-Layer Cat Scratching Posts

Cat’s Choice Triple Scratching Posts

All these cat scratching posts can provide samples and support customization. Welcome to contact!

In the wild, cats sharpen their claws by climbing trees, and when you are outdoors, you can observe many cat scratch marks on the surface of the wooden fence. Cat scratching Posts with similar roughness is a good choice, but they may also be on the surface of soft objects to sharpening claws, which can also achieve a similar effect. Specifically, WokeePet, a supplier of cat scratching Posts, has ordinary cat scratching Posts materials.


Wood is the best choice. Wood is closer to the natural needs of cats, and the wood itself is a more durable material that does not give them too much restraint. Conversely, the rougher the style of the branch, the more unique it is and can look aesthetically appealing. Of course, for the completely natural wood of the cat scratching Posts, there may be debris in the process of the cat’s use later.


Sisal rope material for cat scratching Posts is trendy in the Chinese supplier market for cat scratching posts. The surface of coarse sisal is very similar to natural tree bark, safe and environmentally friendly, and cats have no problem using it to sharpen their claws. WOKEE PET PRODUCTS, a quality sisal rope scratching Posts manufacturer, offers a wide range of scratching posts, and we welcome your designs to be produced.


CardBoards has corrugated sides. Corrugated cardboard has a similar tactile feel and provides the same paw-grinding satisfaction for cats.

Corrugated cardboards cat scratching Posts are easy to replace and are attractive to many cats. Cardboards cat scratching Posts are more likely to come in the form of a floor platform that extends horizontally rather than vertically upwards and may come with a toy to entice kittens to scratch them. Cardboards cat scratching Posts are usually cheap, so first-time cat owners usually choose a cardboards cat scratching post first.

Cats like to scratch things. It is the nature of cats, now we all have cats at home, so it is necessary to prepare cat scratching Posts or cat climbing trees to exercise your cat and protect the furniture, bedsheets, etc. Cats can also use the cat scratching Posts to exercise their bodies. It is essential to have a suitable cat scratching Posts at home. WOKEEPET, as a professional cat scratching Posts supplier, gives Some tips on how to choose a cat scratching post; please read on.

Cats have front paws and hind paws, the front paws are mainly used to catch gifts, and the hind paws are used for climbing, like human nails, cat paws need regular care, cats are solving this problem by scratching themselves, by rubbing on the cat scratching Posts, thus destroying the old paws and leaking new ones.

Like human nails, cat claws continue to grow throughout a cat’s life and require regular care. Most cats will take care of this problem themselves, using their teeth to pull on their hind claw sheaths to expose the sharp new claws underneath. For their front claws, it is easier to hook their claws onto some material and pull down, pulling off the old sheath to expose the new claws.

The stability of the cat scratching Posts is more critical, and if the Posts are not sturdy, the cat may not be interested in scratching. When installing cat scratching Posts, make sure the base is stable and does not wobble. Usually, choose a cat scratching post with a more extensive base to improve stability.

Whether the construction is complex or straightforward, corrugated cardboard, wood, or sisal rope, is placed horizontally on the ground or vertically fixed; there should be a large enough and effective scratchable or Post, which can play the role of cat scratching posts.

  1. First, try to avoid using the same materials as the furniture in your home. There is some carpet-covered cat scratching Posts; although the carpet also has a similar role with other materials cat scratching Posts, it is not easy to distinguish from the carpet on the stairs and floor at home, the cat may pull and destroy the carpet on the floor. In this case, it is best to choose a cat scratching Post made of sisal rope or cardboard. If you have a carpet at home, please do not buy a cat scratching Post made of woven material. Otherwise, the cat may not identify which is the cat scratching Posts, which can scratch and which can not scratch.
  2. Nowadays, cat scratching Posts fixed vertically on the wall is very popular, similar to the vertical structure of outdoor trees, so cats can sharpen their claws when they stand up. Different from the ground cat scratching Posts, it must be fixed firmly.
  3. If the cat scratching Posts is placed on the ground, be sure to adjust the cat scratching Posts to the maximum size so that the cat can stretch the body; the cat can fully enjoy grinding paws and can rest on it if too small size, the cat will not like to play.
  4. Cat scratching Posts not only can fully release the cat’s nature but also can avoid the furniture being destroyed. But usually, one scratching post is not enough! Of course, it is to prepare more than one cat scratching Posts; then, the cat can go to different places to scratch around.
  5. Cats usually like strong materials, but they can also use their claws to tear them apart. If it can not tear the material, it will start looking elsewhere. Cats don’t get satisfaction just by scratching; they want to see themselves leaving dents in it.

Cats are natural scratchers because they need to claim their territory or shed old paws, and without a scratching post, cats in the house will scratch the sofa, sheets, carpet, and other furniture.

Cats are stubborn and not as easy to train as dogs, sometimes they don’t like it, but we must also train cats to use cat scratching Posts.

Distinguished by structure, there are usually two types of scratching Posts, horizontal and vertical. Different cats may prefer different types, so first, try to have various scratching posts for your cat so you know exactly which one they prefer.

Second, place the cat scratching Posts in an obvious place in your home, such as next to the cat’s litter or where it often goes, because cats will stretch or scratch after waking up from a nap.

You can also apply catnip to the surface of the scratching post or place food on the surface of the scratching post. You can hang a toy with a snack on top of the scratching post, and your cat will be very interested.

Finally, be sure to reward with its favorite treats. Every time your cat uses the scratch post, reward it with a treat. When it is ultimately used to the cat scratching posts, you can tell it not to scratch other furniture. The usual practice is to use a loud sound to stop the cat when it scratched the sofa and other items. Cats are also brilliant, and when they find that scratching the sofa makes a loud noise, they know it is wrong and will stop doing it. Also, please bring them to the cat scratching Posts, encourage them to use them, and reward them with the treats method mentioned above.

The natural behavior of cats is to claw and pull back on the surface of objects daily, primarily to sharpen their claws, swear territory, play, and remove old nails to grow new, sharper ones. However, cat owners know that this behavior usually damages carpets, sofas, and other furniture. WOKEE PET manufactures and supplies cat scratching Posts that can effectively solve similar problems, allowing cats to get plenty of exercises and thus protect furniture.

Cats need to sharpen their paws often in the process of breeding, but if they are not trained to go to a fixed place to sharpen their paws, they are prone to destroy the furniture. A cat scratch post is a good choice for cats to use when sharpening their claws.

Cats sharpen their claws to keep their paws sharp while marking the location. Cats sharpening their sharp claws are preparing to hunt for food. For that matter, cats do have a more wild nature than dogs. Also, sharpening the claws can intimidate the others, which is somewhat similar to the foot-stamping action when suckling its mother again, but not in the same sense.

Cats have sweat glands hidden behind their front feet, so sharpening their paws in places they frequent has its dual meaning. Of course, cats also mark in other ways. When a male cat is in heat, he likes to pee everywhere, which we call spraying. Cats also have sweat glands on both sides of their ear door bones, so you will find that hairy cats like to rub their heads against their owners. The perimeter of the cat’s mouth also hides peristaltic glands, so sometimes the cat will rub on its belongings. Cats have tail glands at the base of their tails, so we commonly see fallen cats at our feet, using their tails to wrap around our calves.

As with dogs, spraying or marking is actually a full declaration of their sovereign domain for cats. When a cat is obsessed with sharpening its claws or indulging in the pleasure of doing so, scolding by the owner is mainly ineffective. It is essential to decide on a place for your cat to sharpen its claws as soon as possible and then prepare a scratching Posts for it to sharpen its claws and vent its anxiety. Training should be started from the kitten stage to avoid harming the furniture to the greatest extent possible.

Is a scratching post good for cats?
For any healthy cat, a scratching post is a must. Cats must have a place to vent their scratching impulses, so providing support for this will protect your furniture, curtains, and carpets from damage.

How many scratching Posts should a cat have?
Wokee Pet recommends providing a scratching post for each cat in a different location in a multi-cat household.

What should I look for when purchasing a cat scratcher?
It is best to have two scratching Posts of different structures, one vertical and one horizontal. Cat scratching posts can be covered with different materials to give cats a different experience.

What is the shelf life of the cat scratching posts?
Wokeepet specializes in manufacturing, wholesaling cat scratching Posts. Depending on the material, the number of cats and the frequency of cat scratching Posts can last from approximately six months to 2 years or more. If your cat scratching post is only lightly used, it will last longer.

What material do cats prefer?
Generally speaking, cardPosts is cheap and readily available, cats like to play in it, cats enjoy cardPosts-built litters, and the high walls help trap the cat’s body heat and provide a sense of enclosed mystery.

How to prevent cats from scratching your furniture?
Secure double-sided tape and sandpaper to the surface of your furniture to prevent cats from scratching. Also, place a cat scratching Posts next to your furniture as an alternative to encourage your cat to use it and trim cat nails regularly.

What is the most cost-effective material for cat scratching Postss?

Why would a cat lick you?
By licking you, the cat is showing love to you. By licking, the cat establishes a social bond with humans or other animals, a behavior that is instinctive and probably stems from the care and affection shown by the cat’s mother when she came to lick her young as a kitten.

What do cats like to scratch the most?
Every cat has a different preference, and for most cats, good scratching Posts materials include sisal rope or fabric, cardboard, or even bare wood.

Will cats stop scratching when they grow up?
Habits formed at a young age are difficult to change when they grow up, although most kittens will develop this habit by the time they are 1-2 years old.

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