Small Dog Swing Bed Factory

Product Category: Pet Dog Bed
Color: black, gray, red, blue
Material: cloth
Applicable for: Dogs
Product size: 78*39*42CM
Weight range: within 15kgs
High quality fixed V-shaped bracket design
Peaceful and quiet
Stable and safe
Foldable and portable



This Small Dog Swing Bed is safe and comfortable, contains key four-speed adjustment, your dogs can sit, as well as lie down.
Safe and stable harness
Mesh material is more breathable
With a non-slip pad, more fixed security
Four-position adjustment design, different angles, for different needs, such as sleep, play, rest, storage, and other needs
Safety buckle: triangle thickened and widened seat belt design, more secure while the pet enjoys swinging.
Widened and thickened base, safe and stable non-slip design, to ensure
The stability of the use of the rocking chair and the safety of pets
Three-point safety belt, three-dimensional package Safety is guaranteed

Sizes dimension