Large Dogs Period Pants Supplier

Made in China
Brand: OEM
Product Category: Dogs Clothing
Color: denim menstrual panties
Size: waist 30-40C, L waist 40-50C, XL waist 50-60C, 2XL waist 60-70C
Applicable gender: female



This is a very simple and beautiful period safety pants for pet dogs, mainly for medium and large dogs, there are different size specifications to choose from. We also support custom production according to your needs.

When we produce. Our designers are dedicated to creating stylish, comfortable, and well-fitting products based on the dog’s body type.

We produce high-quality Large Dogs Period Pants through three-dimensional cutting and a variety of fabrics to choose from. These safety pants are designed with denim fabric. They are very breathable and comfortable.

If you need a different color, we can also produce it. Please contact us.

These physiological pants are very easy to put on with the bonded fastening method. Once fixed, they fit your dog’s body very well. No influence on any activity of the dog.
sizes of large dog period pants
large dog period pants