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Type: Pet Toys
Toys Type: Interactive Cat Toys
Material: ABS
Application: Cats Kitten
Feature: Sustainable, Stocked
Place of Origin: Shandong
Color: blue yellow pink green
Payment: TT
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The main body of this product is yellow with a blue stand on each side. The total length is 536mm, weight 371g, and contains two skeleton toy balls with built-in catnip balls and one ping pong ball. The three balls can be rolled back and forth, so cats can try to catch them for added fun.

  1. Catnip can better attract cats’ attention, improve the interest of cats to play, and relieve anxiety.
  2. After the toy is fixed, the yellow body part is rotatable.
  3. Toy surface distribution of many bumps, high and low, sizes are different, touch hard, the cat can be used to rub the body.
  4. Upgraded PP material can be prevented from being bitten by the cat and will not cause any harm to the cat itself.
  5. Both sides suction cups fixed, can also be adsorbed on wooden floors, rough tile floors, windows, doors, and other flat surfaces can be used as a cat climbing tree.

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