Durable Cat Scratching Pad

Category: Cat Scratching Posts
Material: Corrugated paper & pine
Application: Cats
Feature: Stocked
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Color: as picture
Usage: Cat climbing and playing
Package: carton
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The main body of this product is the original color, which seems softer. The outer part is fixed with a solid wood frame, which can effectively protect the corrugated paper, prevent cracking, reduce the slagging of the corrugated paper edge, and make the corrugated paper last longer (can improve the life of corrugated paper by 20%).

We can support color customization, and if you have a better design, our factory can customize it according to your requirements.

This product is 55*32.5*13cm in length, width, and height in a balanced state, with a total weight of 2500g and a more stable outer frame of solid wood combination.

For cats of different ages, like different angles of grinding and scratching, this product can provide five forms to meet the whole stage of cats, exercise the spine.

  1. can be a cat bed form, slightly curved surface design, more closely fit the curve of the cat’s body, cats like to rest grinding claws, this large curvature makes the master feel comfortable. Size: 55*32.5*13cm.
  2. It can be a very challenging 70 degrees form; grinding claws to ascend is the nature of cats, 65 degrees angle after scratching more let the cat feel a smooth claw rest state. Size: 35.5*51cm.
  3. can be 40 degrees form. If you feel that 70 degrees are too steep, you can turn over into a more playable 40 degrees, kitten play more comfortable. Size: 53 * 34cm.
  4. The other two forms can be adjusted according to the needs of cats.
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Installation guide