Cat Trees With Condo Scratching Posts

Origin: China
Item No.: YC01-01-4109-02
Brand: Wokee Pet
Product Category: cat tree
Material: sisal fleece cloth summer mat

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This is a multi-functional cat climbing tree with a condo, toy ball, and a platform for resting, as well as a hole. Cats can fully enjoy their freedom.

This cat climbing tree has 5 layers, totaling 1420mm high, each with a unique design to exercise the cat’s instinct to explore:
For example, the first layer has a small cat nest, plush wrapped, windproof and warmer, in which cats can sleep when they are tired.
The highest level, the fifth, has a circular observation deck that allows cats to view everything from the highest point.
There are also three furry toys that shake around to release the cat’s hunting nature. It can meet the various needs of cats.

Each layer is made of thicker, thicker material, and the quality is very stable. This factory-designed product has been approved by cat owners.

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