Cat Tree Cat Tower for Indoor Cats

Origin: China
Brand: Wokeepet
Patent source or not: no
Product Category: cat tree
Material: short plush, sisal
Number of boxes: 1
Category: Cat Toys

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This Cat Tree Cat Tower provides a small house for cats. It does not take up much space. It is very sturdy and not easy to break.

The materials used are soft and comfortable. Cats like it very much. The inner pad of the Cat tree is detachable, which is easy to clean and prevents the growth of bacteria.

This cat tree has multiple play platforms and can be used by multiple cats.

After more than 1,000 load-bearing tests, no matter how fat your cat is, it’s okay.

This cat tree has a fully enclosed cat house with short plush, soft and comfortable, windproof, and warm. The scratching post is tightly wound with thick hemp rope, strong, and does not drop chips. The swaying furball swaying can be used for cats to play.

Available Styles
Style Product Size Packing Weight Packing Size
PT-2 640x570x195mm 11.04Kg 640x570x195mm
YM-2 400x480x1450mm 10.23kg 660x530x160mm
HT-1 400x480x1510mm 11kg 650x505x150mm
YM-1 400x400x1235mm 7.7kg 515x410x160mm
PT-1 500x400x960mm 7.7kg 680x550x180mm

Cat Tree Cat Tower for Indoor Cats