3 Sizes Cat Scratcher Round Board

Material: Paper, Paper/Wooden
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Brand Name: Wokeepet
Product Name: Cat Scratching Post
Color: As picture
Payment: T/T
Logo: Custom Logo
OEM/ODM: available
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This Cat Scratching Board has an overall round design with a weighted bottom material and a flattened cylindrical design placed firmly on the ground to fully release the cat’s instincts.
The upper surface is actually a concave curved design, which can effectively protect the cat’s joints and not damage the claws. And the design of the groove, the cat can be more comfortable lying on it to rest
The surface of the cat scratching board is made of high-density corrugated paper, which will not fall off the debris and can bring a longer playing experience.
Size currently has three sizes, respectively: L: diameter 41cm, 10cm high; M: diameter 36cm, 8cm high; S: diameter 32cm, 6cm high, the factory is currently doing the color is mainly green and pink.
No matter the size, or color, we support customization, we will produce the best quality according to your design, or drawings.

Corrugated Paper View

Corrugated Paper View

Factory Workshop

cat scratching post factory workshop