How to make pet dogs refuse food from strangers?

How to make pet dogs refuse food from strangers

How to make pet dogs refuse food from strangers?

“Anti-feeding” training is to develop the habit of dogs not picking up food on the ground and refusing food from others

In regular times, let it develop the habit of eating and drinking in its own bowls, and don’t let it pick up food that has fallen on the ground; reward food should be fed on the hand and must not be thrown on the ground to make it pick up food;

When going out for a walk, pay attention to its behavior. When it wants to eat food on the floor, you should immediately say the “no” command, and at the same time, yanks the leashes to stop it.

Specific training steps:

  1. Train it to have a quick reaction to the words “bark” and “stop.”
  2. Tie the dog to a fixed object, find 1 or 2 people as assistant trainers, and approach it naturally with food in hand. If it tends to eat the food in other people’s hands, the owner will immediately order “stop,” The assistant trainers time Lightly hit the dog’s mouth at the same; or throw the food on the ground.
  3. The assistant trainers hide a wooden stick behind his body. When the dog wants to pick up the food, the assistant trainers beat it with a stick or branch, and the owner says “bark” while pretending to hit the assistant trainers to stimulate the dog’s barking defense function.When it barks at the assistant trainers or tends to attack, the trainer should run away quickly, and the owner promptly rewards the dog. Such training should be repeated many times. But things like the movement of the trainer, the training location should change every day.
  4. With the above basis, you can conduct anti-feeding training without the supervision of the owner. Tether the dog to a fixed object, the owner, hides nearby, and the trainer puts the food down and leaves. If it wants to pick up food, the owner in the hideout says, “stop.” If it ignores the food on the ground, the owner immediately walks over to reward the loving dog.
  5. Put all kinds of food on the ground, and the owner uses a leash to lead the dog by. If it wants to pick up food, you say loudly “stop,” and at the same time, pull the leash hard.
  6. Repeat the training. After the command is useful, the leash can be removed until it can refuse food from strangers and not eat food other than in the fixed bowls.



(1) Anti-feeding training can only be practical after the dog is full

(2) The training of rejecting food from strangers must be carried out frequently to consolidate the training results.

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