How to make a dog familiar with his name?

How to make a dog familiar with his name

How to make a dog familiar with his name?

First of all, give your dog a concise and easy to remember the name, take advantage of opportunities such as feeding or playing for naming training, and let it associate the name with pleasant things.

Before the puppy is not used to being called by name, the name is just a signal with nothing to do with it. Therefore, you should always repeat the calling training until it has an apparent response to the call. Under normal circumstances, when a puppy hears the owner’s voice, he will look back cleverly or wag his tail to express happiness. If he/she comes to you, you, please touch it or give treats as a reward.

When calling its name, pay attention to accurate pronunciation, and a friendly tone. Don’t scold it in anger when calling the name without responding. Doing so will make the puppy afraid of hearing its name. You can take actions such as shaking or moving back with the toy in your hand to attract the dog’s attention, tease it to run towards you, and then play with it as a reward.


(1) Once the puppy recognizes the name, don’t change it at will. Family members should be unified to avoid confusion

(2) The most common mistake in call-name training is to call the dog’s name anytime and everywhere. This quickly makes it to suppress the call and not listen to its name, and remember not to call its name when it is punished; otherwise, it will think you will punish him when it hears it’s name

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