How to judge the age of a dog?

How to judge the age of a dog

How to judge the age of a dog?

The life span is 10 to 20 years, and the longest life is 30 years. The length of its life span has a lot to do with nutritional status.

Determining the age of dogs is different from that of humans. The age of humans is calculated in units of “years,” while the age of dogs is distinguished in units of “days,” “months,” and “years.”

From birth to 6 months, it is called a puppy;

Adult dogs are over six months old;

A dog is one year old as a human being 16 years old, and three years old is equivalent to a human being 30 years old. Starting from 4 years old, every one year old is equal to 5 years old for humans.

The dog’s ancestors are mainly carnivorous, so the teeth are developed, and the growth rate is fast. According to the growth of the teeth, its age can be judged.

Baby teeth began to grow 19 days after birth,

Replace permanent teeth around three months old;

One-year-old, full teeth, protruding and pointed incisors

At the age of 2 years, the tip of the mandibular incisor was partially flattened;

At the age of 3, the end of the maxillary incisor was somewhat flattened;

4-5 years old, the upper and lower front teeth have worn bevels, and the color is yellow;

6 to 8 years old, only the roots of the incisors remain, which are yellowish-brown

Incomplete teeth over ten years old.

Judging from the posture and facial expressions, young dogs have a light and flexible body, with energetic eyes, and willing to be close to others; they are stable when they are 3 to 5 years old; older dogs over ten years old have slow movements, curved backs, and gray hair growing from the lips.

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