How to Help a Dog Adjust to a New Home?

How to Help a Dog Adjust to a New Home?

How to Help a Dog Adjust to a New Home?

Bring the dog home, and since then, it has started a new life.

When you get home, let it rest! Please don’t give him a lot of food right away, or pay with them, since they are tired of traveling. You should give him some water first, arrange a place to rest, and let him slowly adapt to the new environment.

Dogs have such a habit that the place where they slept for the first time is considered the safest, and they will automatically come to this place every time they sleep in the future. You can ask the original owner for something with smells and place it in the place where it rested. So it can be more at ease.

Moving your dog to a new home requires a specific process of adaptation. You should closely observe its diet and daily life for a few days. When it can turn around you, it means that it has adapted you and the family.

If you adopt a puppy, how will it spend its first night at your house? It doesn’t sleep until dawn. When it waked up in the middle of the night, it can still fight with its friends in the nest. Now your puppy can’t see them, and it will cry because of loneliness. You have to be prepared to be awakened at night and not comfort it as soon as hearing it. If you do, he/she will scream much more. You have to bear with him for two nights and let him get used to being alone. If you like to live inseparably with your dog, then put the kennel by your bed so that you can touch him with your hands, like a mother dog.


(1) During the period of adapting to the new environment, the owner should be kind to the dog. Don’t blame or beat or scold the dog when it barks because of emotional instability or makes a mess of your house. Please take out your patience and spend the time of mutual understanding with it happily. It will soon trust and rely on you.

(2) When he first arrives home for a day or two, he may have no energy and a bad appetite. Don’t worry; this is a normal process of adaptation.

(3) Avoid it from running away during the adaptation period. When you find that it does not listen to your words and acts secretly, you must take some more tips to dispel its idea of running away.

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