How to feed a sick dog?

How to feed a sick dog

How to feed a sick dog?

When a dog is sick, what he needs most is to add protein, vitamins and inorganic salts. If it is a fever, the metabolic level will increase by 10% for every 1°C increase in body temperature, which means that the consumption of nutrients in its body is significantly higher than usual. But diseases often affect digestion

he/she has not good appetite, and he/she will not eat, if the food is unpalatable

Therefore, the food prepared for it should not only be digestible and nutritious, but also very tasty.

Some diseases can cause decreased saliva secretion and make it difficult to chew and swallow. Broth can be mixed into the diet to make liquid or paste food. Suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, mainly vomiting and diarrhea, will lose a lot of water, then it is necessary to provide sufficient drinking water or large doses of intravenous fluids.

In the diet, eat small meals, do not feed foods with more fat and crude fiber, increase lean meat or cooked eggs and other foods with high nutritional value; for weak dogs, chicken liver is the first choice.

For a sick dog, in addition to reasonable adjustment and preparation of food, it is also necessary to manage its daily life and remove excrement in time. Disinfect the dog’s food, bedding and surrounding environment regularly; pay attention to the temperature, keep warm in winter, and ventilate in summer, because when it is sick, its body temperature regulation function is reduced; when its body temperature is too high, in addition to using drugs to cool down, You can also apply alcohol to the whole body to cool down

Also, let the dog rest quietly, don’t play with it, and keep it in a good state of treatment

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