Giving Your Dog Pills: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Wokeepet

It’s no secret that giving your dog a pill can be daunting. Whether for a medication or a supplement, it’s not something your pup will enjoy. But with these tips and tricks, you can give your dog its pills in no time! Let’s take a look at how to share your dog a tablet.

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The Right Pill Treatments

Before we get into the actual process of giving your dog its pill, it’s crucial to ensure you have the right equipment. The type of treatment you are giving your pup will determine what tools you need. For example, if you are giving them a liquid medication, you will need an eyedropper or syringe without a needle. However, if they need an oral capsule or tablet, you may need to purchase some pill popper or pill shooter to help get the job done. Talk to your veterinarian if you are unsure what treatment is best for your pup and which tools they recommend using.

Getting Them Ready

Once you have the necessary equipment, it’s time to start preparing your pup for their pill. Make sure to choose an area with no distractions—no other animals, people, or toys that could cause them to become agitated or uncooperative during the process. You should also try and make them as comfortable as possible by providing treats and plenty of verbal praise throughout the process. This will help them stay calm and compliant when taking their medication or supplement.

Giving Them Their Pill

Giving your pup, their pill depends mainly on the type of treatment they are receiving and which tools you have available.

In general, though, some universal steps can be applied to most situations:

First, open up their mouth gently but firmly with one hand while using the other hand to place the pill as far back in their throat as possible (this is why having those helpful tools is so important!). Once the drug is in place, hold down on their muzzle for several seconds until they swallow it—you may want to rub their throat lightly at this point, too, just in case they didn’t quite get it down properly! If everything goes according to plan, reward them with lots of love and tasty treats!


Giving your pup pills doesn’t have to be stressful! With these tips and tricks—along with some patience and practice—you should be able to provide them with their medications or supplements quickly! Remember, if things seem like they aren’t going well at any point during the process, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice from a pet sitter or veterinarian who can help guide you through the rest of the way. Good luck!

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