First of all, bathing is an irritation to the dog and may cause the dog to get sick; you should wait 3-7 days before vaccination. Secondly, bathing can easily cause dogs to catch a cold and even induce respiratory diseases. Vaccination can not go with any diseases. If dogs are vaccinated, they can easily lead to immune failure and even cause severe clinical diseases. In addition, dogs are not allowed to take a bath during the vaccination period. wokeepet recommended taking a bath after seven days.
There are many reasons for the above symptoms of dogs. First of all, considering the causes of indigestion and other diseases, it is recommended to feed an appropriate amount of enzyme drugs that promote digestion. You can provide a proper amount of pet probiotics. We recommended feeding easy-to-digest foods. Second, consider the early symptoms of gastrointestinal infections. Generally, the condition will get worse over time, with vomiting and diarrhea. It is recommended to consult a veterinarian in time.
If it is just a tiny wound, after simple treatment, it can usually recover quickly. If the wound is large or deep, it is not easy to heal itself because it is easy to infect bacteria. If the injury is infected, there may be a secondary systemic infection. For a dog's life, it is recommended to do an excellent job of wound treatment and feed medicine containing cephalexin and other ingredients.
If the dog has no other abnormal symptoms, it is mainly caused by too little daily drinking water. Another possibility is that the dog is not in good spirits and needs more company and play. you can select a toy, go out and play fun with them. If symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, etc., occur, it is mainly caused by respiratory diseases. We recommend consulting a veterinarian in time.
There are many reasons for a dog having the above symptoms. First of all, if the dog vomits only after eating certain foods, the primary consideration is that the food is more irritating, and Wokeepet recommends feeding easy-to-digest, low-irritating foods. Secondly, suppose the dog vomits whenever it eat any food. In that case, you generally consider the possibility of gastrointestinal infection and other diseases, and a foreign body may also cause it in the intestine. It is recommended to consult a veterinarian in time.
Dogs who often vomit yellow water with foam may be caused by gastroenteritis, internal parasites or irregular diet. First of all, when a dog suffers from gastroenteritis, it will vomit yellow water bubbles and need to undergo blood routine tests, and then use anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment. Secondly, when a dog suffers from internal parasites, it will vomit yellow water bubbles and need emergency internal deworming treatment. Furthermore, the above symptoms can also occur when the dog is hungry for a long time, and the owner should feed it regularly and quantitatively every day.
After a tick bites a dog, wounds and scabs appear, which is caused by an infection. First of all, we recommend that the owner do an excellent job of deworming the dog outside the body regularly to prevent the ectoparasites from biting the dog and sucking the dog's nutrition. Secondly, when an infection occurs in the bitten part of the dog, it is recommended that the owner take the dog to the veterinary hospital so that the veterinarian can treat the wound and prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs in time.
Dry coughing and vomiting may be caused by a foreign body blocking the esophagus, or the dog has an upper respiratory disease. First of all, when a foreign body is stuck in the dog's esophagus, the foreign body continues to irritate the dog's throat so that the dog will experience dry coughing and vomiting. In this case, we recommend that the owner see a vet in time for DR examination and remove the foreign body. Secondly, the above symptoms can also occur after the upper respiratory tract is infected with bacteria, and it needs to be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and cough medicines.
Mating is generally 3-4 days after the dog has stopped bleeding. It is not recommended to mate when bleeding; otherwise, it will be failed to pregnant. Please note that if the dog is less than one year old because it has not matured, it will cause miscarriage after pregnancy. Secondly, the dog needs to get familiar with the male dog for 2-3 days before mating, increasing the chance of successful mating.
Dogs vomiting yellow water may be caused by gastritis, foreign bodies in the stomach, or pancreatitis. First of all, when suffering from gastritis, it may cause the dog to vomit gastric juice. At this time, the dog needs to be fed anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment. Secondly, when there is foreign body blockage in the dog's stomach, the dog may vomit yellow water. We recommend that the owner take the dog for a DR-check to determine where the foreign things are and get ready for surgical treatment. Finally, dogs suffering from pancreatitis will have the above symptoms too, and we recommend performing a pancreatitis test.