Why Corgi Tail Docking? Reasons And How

Why Corgi Tail Docking? Reasons And How

What is painless tail docking? Methods of tail docking

The first method, and the most common tail docking, occurs within a week of the dog’s birth. At that time, their owner will tie their tails with rubber bands and tie them as tightly as possible until the dog is 1-3 months old. Normally, at that time, the tail will be broken with a gentle fold, and the dog will not feel pain.

The second method, but if the dog has been a few months old, if you want to dock his tail, you can only go through surgery.

It’s easy to say, but if you think about it, you will find it cruel to do so.

Little Corgi docking is said to be due to historical reasons. Don’t look at them now, they are “functional players” in history. Guess what it does? Cow herd!   to find more about it, please check this post: corgi dog history 

Because today’s Corgi no longer needs cattle grazing, but still has to give up part of the body in order to cater to human aesthetics.

Why do you want to dock the tails? The reason for tail docking?

  1. Corgi has short legs,Corgi’s tail is too long in proportion to the body,They need to run in the herd when they work. In order to avoid the long tail being stepped on by the cattle, the tail is cut off artificially..
  2. In modern society, Corgi’s tail is too long, it will drag on the ground, and it will be easily scratched by things on the ground or branches.It is also easy to be bitten by other dog in a fight, so tail docking is actually better for Corgi. The wound on the dog’s tail is particularly difficult to heal and painful, so dogs with short legs basically have a short tail.
  3. Because after Corgi didn’t have a tail, wagging his tail became ass posing. So many tails of corgi dogs from the doghouses in the market are docked, which also forms a selling point.
  4. Wikipedia says that docking is because Corgi would be treated as a pet and need to pay additional taxes. The owner docked his tail to show that his dog was a working dog.
  5. In addition, there is actually a more interesting statement: the Corgi that was sent to the British royal family happened to be docked. Since then, the “Docked Corgi” has been regarded as “orthodox.”

Why Corgi Tail Docking? Reasons And How

What does the tail do to the dog?

  1. The dog’s tail movement is actually a kind of speech. Usually when they feel excited or happy, they will shake their heads and tails. At this time, their tails will not only sway from side to side, but will also continue to spin.

The tail is cocked, which means joy; the tail droops, which means risk; the tail does not move, showing anxiety: the tail is clamped, indicating fear; the tail is swayed quickly and horizontally, which signifies friendship.

Why Corgi Tail Docking? Reasons And How

2. Not only that, the frequency of tail wagging also reflects the health of the dog.

Each dog’s anal gland smell is different, this is their unique sign, they will make friends through the special smell of the anal gland. Healthy dogs will sway their tails to convey odors, and frightened dogs will cover their anal glands and no longer emit odors.

Why Corgi Tail Docking? Reasons And How

What does it mean to have no tail?

It means that they can’t express emotions, anger, sorrow, and joy with their tails, lack the tools to reflect their health status, and can no longer convey odors on a large scale, and they lose the tools to cover odors. To be more serious, tail docking deprives them of their social freedom.

Many countries have issued animal protection laws that prohibit privately docking pets. For a dog like a Corgi, it is an offence if the tail is removed privately. Unless it is born with a tail docked, others can take its owner to court.

The long-tailed Corgi is actually a proper “beauty base”. Have you ever seen a long-tailed Corgi? Those are “fat foxes” walking on their knees.

how about it? Are you going to be their fans? Who says “Tailless Corgi” is the benchmark, and Corgi with a beautiful big tail is dissatisfied!

Finally, I hope that every “cute corgi” can get true love, and every corgi lover can correctly realize that tail docking is a backward and wrong behavior.


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