Chinese E-Commerce Giant-JD Is Playing In Pet Market

Chinese E-Commerce Giant-JD Is Playing In Pet Market

Chinese E-Commerce Giant-JD Is Playing In Pet Market

The pet industry attracted the attention of many businesses in recent years.

Whether it is news reports related to pets, pet shops on the streets and alleys, or the endless pet videos on the Internet, they all indicate a significant development trend in this industry.

Naturally, in the Internet age of “everything can be e-commerce,” the popular term “pet” has also pressed the “departure” button on the list of e-commerce bigwigs.

Jingdong is one of the players in this field. In recent years,, in addition to joining popular industries such as intra-city distribution that significant e-commerce companies are competing for, has also focused its business expansion on the quietly emerging pet industry.

Yesterday, J.D. Supermarket and the Nanhe District Government of Xingtai City, Hebei Province, signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will focus on pet food and concentrate on the Nanhe pet industry belt in terms of digital upgrade, product incubation and growth, omni-channel marketing, and talent training. Carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation.

The cooperation with Nanhe District is only part of J.D.’s layout in this field. Also, has cooperated with several pet companies.

As early as four years last year, signed a “Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation” with China Pet. The two parties have established a long-term and stable strategic partnership. provides China Pet with data on pet user portraits and market trends. This is also the first step that has laid out in the pet field.

In September of this year 2020, cooperated with Xinruipeng Group, a leading domestic pet company. Jingdong Daojia, a subsidiary of Dada Group, and Xinruipeng Group to create a “pet carnival.” Nearly 1,000 stores on provide delivery.

The cooperation between and companies has consolidated the platform’s market foundation in the pet industry. By improving the quality of businesses on the platform and enriching the diversity of pet-related products, it is the first to seize the market and increase the platform’s competitiveness in this field.

Of course,, which started as an e-commerce company, should not let go of the massive commercial data.

In April 2019, announced the “ Pet Consumption Trend Insights” report. The primary consumption mode, category sales data, consumption proportion of each tier city, gender, single status, age group, pet type, etc., the current consumption difference Pet consumption trends.

In December of the same year, Jingdong Supermarket and Nielsen Data Agency released the “2019 China Pet Consumption Trend Report”, which conducted a comprehensive analysis of the pet industry chain. The data shows that healthy pet food, fun pet food, refined pet feeding, intelligent pet feeding, and diversified pet feeding have become new trends in pet market consumption.

Also, we can see that while cooperating with pet companies such as China Pet, J.D.’s pet consumption data has always been an important bargaining chip for cooperation. Sharing with partners based on user portraits and data analysis is also an essential part of Jingdong’s in-depth understanding of the pet industry and laying a foundation in this industry.

It is worth mentioning that Jingdong’s pet business layout is not limited to online marketing but has opened up offline marketing channels.

In recent years, offline sales are currently an essential market that e-commerce platforms are trying to seize. has applied this kind of awareness to pet operations.

In October of this year, J.D. Supermarket launched the event “J.D. Supermarket Pet Life Season.” The event combined with many pet brands to create a pet consumption carnival in online J.D. super-category day and offline festival.

This is also an outbreak of Jingdong after years of intensive cultivation in the pet market.

The rise of pet culture is related to the loneliness of contemporary young people and the general need for companionship. Commercializing pet culture is a new niche road in the e-commerce industry.

Forming pet culture into a complete operating system and then turning it into a competitive market sales channel will be the key that and other e-commerce platforms need to tap.

Finally, I want to mention that the pet industry is not essentially serving pets, but an industry that pleases people through pets. Numerous pet supplies, food (such as pet milk tea, beautiful pet treats), clothing, etc. are designed and sold following the owner’s preferences.

It can be seen that all commercial platforms related to the pet industry know this well, mostly e-commerce platforms with user big data thinking.

At the same time, pet photos or videos, unreasonable diet leading to pet diarrhea, and other issues have also caused many discussions. Although these issues have not directly caused the burden on the e-commerce platform, they all have a potential impact on the platform.

Will this kind of business operation that caters to people’s preferences be a long-term business method? It is not yet known. After playing In the pet field, whether can become the new favorite of e-commerce is also closely related to the above discussion.


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