China International Pet Show (CIPS 2020) Is Coming

China International Pet Show (CIPS 2020) Is Coming

There are just several days before the opening of China International Pet Show (CIPS 2020)

As one of the major exhibitions in the pet industry, CIPS has been held for 24 sessions. CIPS is a gathering place for top international pet product manufacturers, international traders, and well-known brands. It is also a place for global traders and brands to find the best partners and enter China.

the world’s largest consumer market’s B2B trading platform.

Although affected by the epidemic this year, foreign exhibitors and audiences could not reach the scene, but CIPS has opened up a dual-channel linkage mode between online and offline.

The CIPS 2020 online exhibition will be held on November 12-20,2020. Providing zero-distance business negotiations and purchasing convenience for international buyers who cannot be present.

Both foreign trade and domestic sales, online and offline linkage

CIPS has been seeking transformation and upgrading.

Great Wall Pet Show is the organizer of CIPS.

Cheng Yang is the chairman; he said in an interview that:

CIPS is following the Chinese government policy, trying to improve domestic sales, aiming to help the pet supplies companies sale both domestic and international.

Cheng Yang said that from the data of china’s major e-commerce platforms, in addition to the epidemic prevention products, the pet industry was the top trade-in consumer products at the beginning of this year. The growth of the pet industry against the trend in this particular period also shows that the pet industry is a promising sunrise industry.

As the only B2B trade exhibition in Asia, CIPS will not only adhere to the policy of exporting to domestic sales.

CIPS will also open up a dual-channel linkage mode between online and offline channels during the exhibition period

to promote more outstanding enterprises and quality products in China to the domestic market and improve The level of my country’s pet industry promotes the healthy and orderly development of the consumer market.

Select global products

Set up a display area for new and smart products

At CIPS, the organizer also set up a new product display area to display a large number of pet products for exporting, some of which are rarely seen in the domestic market. But for professional visitors, it is a great time to understand the market and trends of the foreign pet market.

In the official preview of the new products, companies such as Ranova, dognesspet, Zhongheng Pet,hd-magnet, and xchotech all exhibited their new products on the spot.

At the same time, CIPS will also set up a “new product launch conference” and a “smart product zone” on site.

CIPS helps to showcase the latest smart pet products of many companies, allowing the attendees to see the future and development trend of the intelligent pet product market.

At the same time, CIPS also launched the “Quality and Trend” design zone in the exhibition hall for exhibitors and visitors. The organizer invited domestic outstanding industrial designers, packaging designers and graphic designers to provide free consulting services for exhibitors and professional visitors.

Organize multi-themed events for dealers and stores

Invite multiple platforms to hold investment conferences

The transformation of CIPS is also reflected in the concurrent activities during the exhibition. CIPS organized the 8th China Distributor (e-commerce) Conference this year.

At the same time, CIPS collects the purchasing needs of distributors,

CIPS will send those purchasing needs to exhibitors,

CIPS will help these two parties efficiently promoted trade transactions,

and also let dealers understand the rich experience of the industry at home and abroad and the industry’s forecasts, and inspected a large number of new product releases.

In this exhibition, CIPS invited well-known e-commerce platforms: such as and Amazon.

to hold cross-border e-commerce conferences during the conference.

to provide detailed answers on platforms registering, product selection, operation, and online procedures for pet stores and CIPS exhibitors who want to open stores on the platform;

Platforms such as Tiktok and Kuaishou also discussed how to use media to achieve new growth in performance.

In addition to the dealer conference, there are also many e-commerce conferences during the exhibition, including, Amazon, Tmall, Douyin, and Kuaishou, to hold a business conference at the exhibition site and share the platform’s insights and views on the pet industry.

It is worth mentioning that CIPS also organized more than ten professional events, covering the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, including the Great Wall World Pet Grooming Conference CGGC; China Pet Hospital Management Elite Forum; Cat Economic Forum; China Pet Industry Park Summit Forum.

Hold multiple events

Organize a meeting with community influencers

CIPS also organized the CGC “Good Citizen” project to advocate civilized dog breeding; NGCK pure dog breed competition, Great Wall cute pet fair, and the world-famous cat competition and other professional competitions, so that ordinary audiences can also see exciting activities on site.

At the same time, pet reptiles products, a professional exhibition of reptiles for display and sales-China Reptile Pet Cultural Festival will also be held. The annual pet reptiles culture festival attracts many visitors to take photos and purchases. This is the highlight of the exhibition prepared by the organizer of CIPS.

About aquariums, aquariums have always been an essential part of CIPS. In this year’s exhibition, CIPS brought together 85,000+ professional buyers and enthusiasts, and more than 1,000 aquarium exhibitors appeared at the Great Wall Pet Show

During the same period of the exhibition, CIPS will also host the “Great Wall Cup” World Aquarium Fish Championships, with more than 20 species displayed in each category.

It is worth mentioning that on November 14th,2020, CIPS and the Chinese Dragon Fish Association invited Internet influencers to hold the first aquarium exchange meeting. Participating audiences can have close communication with top influencers in the aquarium community. They are sharing and discussing the industry’s development trends and online live broadcast marketing strategies, making the live broadcast industry a new engine and new driving force for the development of the aquarium industry.


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