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Five tips for choosing a cat climbing tree &
Cat tree cleaning, maintenance

Cat trees are a big deal among cat toys and have become very popular over the years. Many and many China manufacturers emerged.

It solves the cat’s natural fetish for climbing and avoids climbing up and down and making a mess at home, so a cat climbing tree is still essential. Here we will look at five tips for choosing a cat climbing tree.

1. The cat tree material that the factory used

The material of the columns and pallets directly determines the service life and stability of the cat trees. The best is solid wood, followed by the dense board.

Currently, most china factories choose the dense board material, its stability is better, and the price is lower than solid wood.

Wrapped velvet should be soft and comfortable without static electricity; wrapped rope main material sisal white, the brown rope will have a faint grass flavor. In addition to this, there should be no other taste.

2. The structure should be stable.

The cat tree’s top should be light, and the bottom should be heavier. Wokeepet is a cat tree supplier for many years in China; we know the cat tree details and focus every step on every item. First of all, the cat tree should be at least 1 meter or more. Otherwise, it loses the meaning of the climbing tree.

3. Consider the cat’s habits to determine the location of the climbing tree.

According to the cat’s usual activity habits at home, first, choose the approximate location of the climbing tree. Then consider the use of space and maintain a stable structure before finally deciding where to place it. Whether to place it in the corner; or close to the side of the wall, think clearly before choosing a different cat climbing tree.

4. The number of cats is an essential reference.

For only one cat, it’s enough to choose a cat climbing tree with one platform or one cat litter. You can tie your cat’s favorite toys to it so that the cat will not feel bored.

Families with many cats can choose a bigger climbing tree so that every cat has a place to stay to avoid family disputes.

5. Cat’s preference is most important.

Cat climbing trees are for cats, so consider them from the cat’s point of view.

Younger cats are more active and like to jump up and down, so choosing a climbing tree with a platform and a litter in the upper space is best. A climbing tree with litter at the bottom is the best choice if you have an elderly cat or an obese cat that doesn’t move well.

Most cat trees have a service life of about 2 to 3 years, so cats trees are expendable, but their use can be extended if properly maintained.

Because it is difficult for cats to suppress their instinct to climb trees and often hang from the uprights, resulting in damage or loosening of the twine wrapped around the uprights, the most easily damaged part of the cat climbing tree is the uprights.

Cats shed hair, and the cat climbing tree is the most frequented place for cats, so it is common for the cat climbing frame to get covered in cat hair. It is best to comb the cat’s hair and clean it on the cat climbing tree. If stained with cat hair, you can use a sticky roller or wide tape to stick off, reducing the number of times to clean the cat tree.

The cleaning of the cat climbing tree is also quite important; the correct cleaning can extend the service life and eliminate the pollution of the cat climbing tree to the cat and the home environment.

  • After using a period and cat hair, there will be some dirty things on the cat tree so that the cat climbing tree feels dark color also conceals a lot of bacteria. Every once in a while, the cat climbing tree should be cleaned.
  • The best cleaning agent for cleaning silk and wool, you can also use laundry detergent diluted with water to a certain concentration, put it in the spray bottle. Prepare a dry and wet rag each.
  • The prepared cleaning agent spray is sprinkled on the surface, scrubbing back and forth until clean. Use a dry rag to wipe the clean area.
  • Suppose the platform or cat litter is stained with cat urine or vomit. In that case, it is best to wipe it clean with a damp cloth first, then use a soft brush with a bit of cleaning agent to gently brush and wipe off the foam with a damp cloth, and after wiping it clean, you can spray it with a special disinfectant for pets to dry in the sun.
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