Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog Breed Standard

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog Breed Standard

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog Breed Standard

Temperament: Calm, faithful, and friendly. Neither timid nor ferocious

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog is widely loved, but before you raise one, please read his 6 Characteristics

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog

General Appearance:

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a small dog, strong but not rough. Deep chest, a lower bone center of gravity, longer torso, lower tail, like foxtail; very nice face, strong body, smart and lively, excellent speed endurance.

Scale and structure:

The body ratio of dogs should be balanced in general, and the body structure should be balanced more than the size of dogs. The ideal height is 26.8cm. The ideal ratio of body length to height is1.8:1.

The ideal weight of the male dog should be13.6~17.2kg; the ideal weight of the mother dog should be11.3~15.4kgs.

The lack of balance and the size of the body is too big or too small both can affect the quality of the dog.

Body standard

The dog is long and strong, with a horizontal backline. The chest is wide and the sternum is prominent. Deep chest, good elasticity, good dilatation, enough to accommodate heart and lung, slightly oval. The waist is short but strong, and the waist is slightly curled up. The waist is clearly defined. The buttocks slope slightly back and down to the tail.

Head standard:

The head of the dog shall show the corresponding sex of the dog and the characteristics of the dog. The dog’s head is elegant and delicate, and it’s gentle. The head must be proportional to the rest of the body, and must not look too large, too heavy, or too small.

The skull is wide and between two ears are flat, and the pillow is not prominent. The skull tapers from the occipital bone to the eyes. There is a slight dent between the eyes.

The cheeks are flat, and the joints between the lower part of the eyes, the front face and the cheeks are clearly defined. Cheekbone is not prominent. The length of the snout (from the tip of the nose to the depression of the frontal nose) should be shorter than the length from the depression of the frontal nose to the highest point of the occipital bone; the snout is round but not blunt;

Viewed from the side, the kissing plane is parallel to the plane of the skull, but is slightly lower than the plane of the skull due to the presence of a dent in the nose tip with a moderately defined limit.

Eyes are clear, black and bright, eye angles are clear, and the eyes are wide apart. Eyes should be coordinated with back hair color. In the blue-gray variety, the blue eye or a blue eye and a black eye are also allowed.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog

Ear: The ear is larger and more prominent than the body. Ear tip, slightly round. The base is slightly wider, and when alert, the ears stand upright and lean slightly forward. Make a middle line from the nose to the middle of the eye, and when the ear is straight, the tip of the ear is a little far from the centerline. Small ears or sharp ears can seriously affect the variety of dogs. Dogs with drooping ears are disqualified

Nose: Black and blue-gray noses are best. The nose is non-black, and any dog with a different color nose is an unqualified dog.

Lips: Lips are clean and flat. The chin is hard and clean.

Jaw: The jaw is reasonably deep and has a good shape, extending to the base of the nose, and is slightly rounded in the lower section.

Occlusion: The teeth are hard, preferably a scissors bite, and the inner surface of the upper teeth are tightly engaged with the outer surface of the lower teeth. A protruding upper jaw or lower jaw will affect the quality of the dog.

Neck standard

The neck is well-developed, the neck looks long, and the dog’s cry is not too shaky. The male dog is particularly well developed in the neck and is proportional to the body structure. The neck is attached to strong, contoured shoulders.

Tail Standards

The tail is below the middle line of the dog and can reach under the tarsal joint The tail is very low when standing or walking slowly, and then suddenly run, the tail extends parallel to the ground, and when they are excited, the tail warts up, but does not curl forward toward the back. A higher tail position can seriously affect the quality of the dog.

Some dogs’s tail is cutted by people, for some reasons, please check this post to find why: Why Corgi Tail Docking? Reasons And How

Forequarters standard

The dog’s Forequarters is not too straight or bent, otherwise, it looks not stable. Overall, the bones of this dog are heavy, but should not appear rough or reduce agility. A prominent front body, too straight, and violin-like is a serious defect.

The chest is moderately wide, located between the forelimbs, and gradually thins toward the sternum.

The shoulder: The shoulder slopes downwards from the humerus, which creates enough space to accommodate the elastic ribs

The shoulder blades are long and reclining backward to form a right angle to the upper limb bone. The Brachial angle is almost as long as the shoulder blades, and the elbow is well connected, not too tight or too loose.

The forearm: forearm should be slightly bent to fit the ribs with good elasticity. The bending of the forearm makes the wrist bone joint closer to the elbow joint.

The pawl is relatively long and round, and the padding fills the whole foot. To balance the width of the claws and shoulders, the claws are slightly overturned. The eversion angle when looking down should not exceed 30 degrees, and the toes should not be spread Wolf claws should be removed.

Hindquarters standard|

The rear body must have sufficient force to push this low, relatively heavy corgi dog to ensure an effective cross over the uneven ground.

  • The back muscle is well developed and strong, but a little narrower than the shoulder.
  • The hip bone is inclined to the lower back of the buttocks, forming a right angle with the femur at the knee bone. There should be a proper angle between the knee joint and the tarsal joint
  • The tarsal joint has good sag.
  • The metatarsal bones are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.
  • The upper jaw should be cut.
  • The grip extends straight forward, slightly smaller than the front paw, and is oval Toe bow-shaped Footpads fill the entire foot sole
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog breed standard
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog

Coat standard

Thick, medium length. The outer layer is rough; it does not bristle, curled or silk, and is relatively smooth and resistant to all climatic conditions.

The inner fleece layer is short, soft, thick, and isolated.

The hair in the ears, head, and legs is slightly short; the body’s hair is medium in length; the hair in the neck is slightly longer, and the hair under the stomach and tail of the thighs should be bushy.

The overall hair looks very fluffy.

 Due to seasonal changes, the corgi’s villi easily fade away, If the coat is healthy, this should not be regarded as a defect. 

The dog should be displayed in a natural state and not be allowed to trim the hairs except for the foot and the tactile. Soft, uniform length, bristles, curl, silk, too short, and too flat are all shortcomings. Too long or too fluffy can seriously affect the quality of the dog.

Color standard

The colors are various shades of red, mink, and zebra; Black and blue-gray with or without brown or rose dots are allowed colors, there is no difference between these colors. The neck, chest, legs, kisses area, lower bodies, and tail tips are flicker white, which is usually used as a white line of hair in the head. The white color of the head should not be particularly prominent, nor should it surround the eyes. In any one color, white-dominated dogs are not qualified.

Gait standard

A smooth, effortless gait. Viewed from one side, when running, the forelimbs stretched freely and were not raised too high, in harmony with the driving action of the hindquarters. The right shoulder structure, combined with the right elbow movement, allows the dog to walk with ease. Viewed from the front, the limbs are not walking on a parallel surface, but are slightly inbuilt to compensate for the short legs and wide chest. When running, the hind limbs stretch freely and are in line with the forelimbs, so that the movement is continuous and powerful, and the tarsal joints neither swing, cross or interfere with each other. An inconsistent short-motion, a swinging body or a low-leg walk, and a tight or open gait when walking back and forth are all incorrect gaits. The Corgi dogs must be quick, comfortable, and have good working endurance.

 Disqualification conditions 
  1. Dogs with blue eyes or partially blue eyes among non-blue-gray breed dogs;
  2. Dogs with drooping ears;
  3. except for the blue-grey breed, the dog’s nose is not uniformly black;
  4. The color of the dog is any color that is not specified;
  5. The main body color of the dog is white.

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