Wokee Pet Products Co., Ltd is a china company, we are pet products manufacturer, wholesaler, agent, reseller. feel free to contact us if you want to expand your global market.
We are empowered by hundreds of pet products manufacturers;
We manufacture and deliver quality products for global retailers, brand owners, traders.
We support any business type: selling on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or local business sales.

All our pet products are finest selected with the best quality, we are selling products with pride. We focus on delivering the finest quality to all of our customers. we bring fresh designed, functional products to our clients with a lot of pride.
We welcome custom designs, OEM, ODM business are welcomed.

Wokee Pet Products locates in china and is familiar with china market, welcome to contact us if you want to expand your Chinese market, we hope to be your products agent here.



The pet product retails industry has a trend: many of our customers specialize in pet product sales. Each company sells a variety of products. They are always willing to add new pet product categories to serve their end customers better.
There are many kinds of pet breeds, and each one also has different needs for products, covering food, clothing, and others. New styles and products are emerging one after another. Some categories do not have strong brand attributes. So a strong supply chain will be an advantage for our customers.

We found that there are mainly two types of pet products manufacturers:

1. One is a professional-specific-material deep processing company, for example, plastics. Plastics can be made into pet products, human toys, industrial, household, and other products. Different finished products are for different customer groups; the characteristics, sales channels, and concern quality are different. It is a pain point for such manufacturers to focus on a specific segment of customer groups and tap more related customers.
2. The second is the professional manufacturer for specific one or two pet product categories. They focus on 1-2 pet products sub-categories, for example, the design and production of cat scratching posts. They will regularly design and produce different cat scratching posts. This manufacturer is also unlikely to produce too many categories due to different production techs.

The start of WOKEE PET PRODUCTS is based on the above reasons. We are committed to providing high-quality and efficient product supply and management for small and medium-sized pet product sellers at home and abroad. “Value and reliability” has always been the principle of our work.




we have a professional team of more than 20 years, that is the reason we are more outstanding


Our factory has a total number of more than 2000 employees, the factory size is over 5000 Sq.m


The quality of our products pass the test, each product is carefully checked before delivery


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