A Story About The Corgi Dog

A Story About The Corgi Dog

In the UK, there is a story about the Corgi Dog, which was spread by ancient poets who were singing, the Corgi Dog in the story is a magical Herley, a magical little beast from a mysterious country.

A Story About The Corgi Dog
Corgi Dog

The magic of the Corgi dogs came from a long-time ago green, greasy, and the golden valley where people worked hard to raise cattle and cultivate them hard.

Healthy men work in the fields, gentle young women make cheese at home, The kind old man basking in the sun, the naughty kids play in the fields, and the people live a peaceful and happy life.

One day, a farmer’s child was playing in the valley, and he saw two low-lying dogs drilling in the cave-like a small fox(check the similarities between corgi dog & fox ), acting as a flash of lightning-fast.

The two dogs, whose mouse are sharp, look like foxes, and whose hair is glittering in gold, dazzling like satin. Their forelegs are short and straight, and their eyes are friendly and gentle, long and short, with little tail.

The child was attracted to this amazing animal, and he spent the whole day there, watching them play, and the more he liked them, he wanted to take them home.

The child fed the dogs with the bread they had with them and gave them water, and finally brought them home, with the child carefully putting the dogs in a basket by the fire. In the evening, the farmer who had cultivated the whole day came back, and he asked:

`where the dog came from?,’ said the child, `It was found in the cave at the side of the mountain.’

Looking at the strange dog, the farmer said with a surprise, “It seems to be a gift from God! Besides the god, who can have such animals. Corgi, the magical Heller, they are, those little fairies••••••

So the old farmers adopted them, and the children took care of them with great care, giving them birth and breeding,

corgi dog lovers
corgi dog lovers

and because they were gods from the fairy world, they were gentle, quick, and flexible; and sometimes they were fine.

They are constantly changing, and most importantly, they are in deep love with the owners. Whether on the side of the river or the hillside, Corgi’s presence is everywhere, bringing a lot of laughs to the calm valley. that is why we say we love corgis, and you can find several reason why we love this dog

Some skeptics, those who scorn the old legend, come and see the sign on the back of the dog! Is this not the saddle left by the Sendon fighters on their backs? On the night of midsummer, when everyone is immersed in his dreams, this fairy dog, however, will run forever!


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